Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Health is wealth

I have been in a horizontal position for the better part of the day. That's right being struck down with the "flu-bug" whatever that is. Let me just remind those out there who haven't been ill for some time...that health is INDEED wealth. It's 8:30pm and I'm 80% well and a 102% grateful to be so.

There's an indentation on the right side of the bed thanks to the good ole bum sinking in there for 10 hours straight. The bedroom is in a right mess. I have two mags and a story book to my right. There's a container with grape seeds in them on the floor. A plate with a used tissue , am empty mug, a vitamin bottle ( now empty of course ) and a bottle of "happy legs" leg cream by biotherm. Oh and I'm still in my jammies....just in case I need to sleep suddenly. Do I sound like a right royal mess yet?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Love Actually....

My favourite scene is the part....where the mother says..."eight is a lot of legs David " in a cockney accent. Makes me laugh each and every time I hear that line. Would you believe I saw the movie twice in the one day? The DVD has since lost itself in the graveyard of DVDs. We're not famed for being organized as a general rule. What I did today, to rectify the problem was to go out and purchase the soundtrack of "Love Actually". As I still harbour a secret hope the DVD would actually re-appear ...I didn't see the point having two copies.

Right after I finish this current CD ( Double Take....) I'm going to pop in the soundtrack and enjoy.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

With the grace of God.

I've had a deep-rooted psychological fear about failing for some time now. But today I have good reason to celebrate. Congratulations to the whole group of us who slogged it through loads of adrenaline surges and panic attacks as well as all those late night palpitations and awful nighmares during REM sleep.

And so the next task on hand would be to
1. spend an obscene amount of money ( preferably other people's if at all possible )

2. Have a decent pedicure in an outlandish colour.

3.Have scalp treatment before I enter the realms of near-baldness.

4.Read at least 3 books simultaneously. ( Marian Keyes here I come!!!)

5. Buy the entire season of desperate housewives and watch it in the one sitting. ( And expect a roaring headache as a sequelae)

6. Re-enter the world of Yoga after an abscence of nearly one and a half months. ( psssst I can just about touch my toes...an indication of my new-found enduring flexibility )

Now if you think I should do anything else .....

Friday, November 11, 2005

A little luxury

Oddly enough and in sharp contrast to my usual taste .....I find myself a great fan of Frasier. And fittingly....I am watching it right now as a way of de-stressing after a whole day of intellectual stimulation. A perfect end to an ordinary day.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Read This....

Where rainbows end.

Ahern 's second book is a good read. Forget the awful rumours that she paid somebody to write for her. And also ignore the sad sods who say she is using her connections as the Irish's PM's daughter to get her started. This is a pretty damm good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Most people use the phrase " couldn't put it down" lightly...I do not. I couldn't put it down.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From chaos to calm

Our brain is like a network of fibres...interconnected in a terrifically complex manner. It's amazing how we remember things. So here's my tribute to the good old brain...don't fail me now.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cut your stress in half...

This is a great picture....shopping for papayas in your backyard during raya. That's what I would label this picture as. The cheeky idea of plopping it into a Jaya Jusco plastic bag....kinda winds it up as the most fun thing we've done in some months. Comic relief!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

We walk...like we drive.

Today is Hari Raya Eve, a day where the workplace is eerily devoid of humans...and getting a parking spot isn't a problem at all. I left way before the designated politically correct time to to so and made my way to KLCC. ( yes again! ) I believe it is a sign of maturity.....what other explanation can there be for justifying leaving work early to shop?? As expected...( I never learn do I )KLCC was the full of last-minute shoppers.

I've only just realised that people walk very much like they drive. Some more polite ones...especially the ones coming towards you in the opposite direction would look up, register that there is on coming traffic and politely steer self away. Other more daring ones would register...but walk stubbornly in your path, forcing you to move away and in the process get into some other person's path igniting wrath there. Others bursts into your path without so much as a look prompting you to side-step at the very last minute so as to avoid them entering your body buffer zone.

And then there are the folks who insist on holding hands...and walking through you...leaving you two obvious choices...break the chain...or move 3 steps to the side. *shake head* As in driving...where bigger cars win....people with higher BMI and baby strollers win. You'ld be stupid to assume you can walk though a baby stroller unscatched. Very stupid in fact.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy "Selamat Hari Raya Puasa".